Jan 1st 2017 was the start of a brand new DOGGED year and ANYONE can win. Here is a brief reminder of the rules:


The following criteria must be satisfied for a race result to be valid:

* It is not a social run.

* The results for the event are either provided by BBDRC, a UKA registered club or recognised timing organisation.

* The event must have a measured distance (Cross Country/off road events are based on organiser or Garmin estimates)

* The event occurs from January 1st to December 31st 2017.

* Athletes finish the full course distance unassisted.


* Park Runs and Great Local Runs are eligible (as long as you are registered with Park Run or Great Local Runs)

* Road races, cross country (with or without dogs), off road, running stages of Triathlons/Dualathlons, Round Norfolk Relay stages are all eligible

* Ultra-runs will be included so long as the distance is completed within 26.2 hours (or mileage will be taken at that point in time)

* The competition cannot be won by the same athlete in two consecutive years.


The competition is not about speed, it is about distances completed. You could come last in every event you entered and still win as long as you rack up the mileage. It is to encourage club members to get out there and take part in as many diverse events as possible.


Bob Jack will continue to record all the DOGGED stats. He can pick up all Park Run and local race results from the internet/club newsletter but anything you do nationwide, please email him at   He will continue to publish monthly stats in the newsletter and you can email him for an update on your progress  at any time.